The World
After the Third Great War which wiped out 3 billion people within 5 years, the earth lay scarred. An orange glow lit the sky in the southern hemisphere from radiation.

The few surviving humans start to rebuild as the seas start to rise and swallow coastal cities whole. Over the following 10 years, Earths landmass rapidly shrinks to less than 20% of the surface - The Luna Colony Presidents hold a meeting agreeing to work together; each sending a fleet of their best workers to help rebuild cities around the globe thus forming the Union of Earth.

The Union of Earth
The Union was formed thanks to the Earths remaining billionaires helping to fund the construction of new cities. With the creation of the UE, Earth was able to adopt the Universal Credit as a currency. This brought it inline with off-world trading colonies and opened up the Earth to Universal Trading.

Billionaires / Mega Corporations
Most of the Earths Billionaires had left the planet for other off-world colonies, but due to the International Off-World laws of 2021, criminals and direct family members were not able to leave earth. If a crime is committed in an off-world colony, all the offending persons direct family will all have to return to Earth as well as the offender.

Earths Famine
In 2066 due to the rising oceans Earth faced a major famine. From that point on, 95% of all food on Earth has to be imported from the Luna Colonies

Wood Crisis
Wood has been limited to only being found to grow close to 2 cities on earth and is protected by the UE as well as the ULC (United Luna Colonies). Items made from wood become more valuable than precious stones.

Super Max Prison
Earth has two of the largest super maximum prison's in the universe named "Odin" and "Osiris".

Odin is located in the West, a part of what used to be known as North America. It stands between Quaid and Los Thadeus in the South West although is closer to Quaid City.

Osiris is located in the East between the old Chinese province of Qinqhai which is now known as New Shanghai, and the City of Lilith located somewhere around the old European union.

Child License
Earth is the only union in the solar system with a license system. All citizens must apply for a license to have a child before being able to concieve. To be eligible for a license you must have a clean record with no criminal activity at all and you must sit a stringent intelligence test.

If a child is born to parents without a license the child must be given to the government. The parents will face severe fines or imprisonment whilst the Government remove the child into a safe environment.

Alien Life
In 2063 the human race came in contact with an extra-terrestrial life form known as the Luktanians. Their planet had become uninhabitable forcing them to flee on a large ship holding 100,000 Luktanian citizens. The Luktanians found Earth and claimed asylum which added more stress on the economy. Some decided to stay on Earth in refugee camps as the lowest class citizens whilst others moved across to off-world colonies.

The Luktanians rarely deal with humans and like to think they are more intelligent thus coming across as arrogant when speaking with them.