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Li Tong Family can be traced back as far as the early 1990s. Li Tong II came from an old city called New York before The Third Great War and The Rise of the Ocean's.

Li was part of an organized crime syndicate ran by Wu Fan. It didn’t take long for Li to soon rise through the ranks to the top of the Wu Family, and became Wu Fan's right-hand man. At this point Li made over 20 million dollars a year for the Wu Family until 2019 when Wu was murdered. Li automatically took his place and changed the family name to the Li Tong family.
Before long Li Tong Family was one of the biggest crime syndicates within the city of New York.

2024 | Birth of a Dragon

Li's girlfriend Yu Yan gave birth to Li Tong the third. Li married her that same year

2025 - 2029 | The Third Great War

Li Snr moved Yu Yan and Li Jr out of the city and into the country but he himself stayed in place now one of the wealthiest men in the country Li never had to fight in the war and paid the government a large sum of money to not be called to service

2030 - 2039 | Rejection and Rebuilding

Li Tong II was one of the first multi-Billionaire's to be rejected from the off-world colony program due to having his criminal record. Once the oceans started to rise, Li became a founding member of the Quaid City Council and of the Union of Earth (UE)

2040 - 2045 | Expelled

Li Snr was expelled from the UE after a fight with Mark Goyette over land ownership. Mark claimed he owned a piece of land in Quaid City that Li snr had built on without permission. A week after the fight Mark was declared missing; his family paid millions of UE credits to find him. Twelve months later the remains of Marks body was found floating in the sea off the coast of Quaid City.

Forensic evidence linked Jiao-Long, Wu Li's righthand man to Marks murder. Jiao-Long disappeared and the authorities couldn’t find him to pin the case. It went cold eventually.

2050 - 2051 | Death of a Master, Rise of the Dragon

Mid 2050 Li Tong the second was found dead after a heart attack; his funeral was the largest Quaid City had ever seen, just two weeks after the funeral Li Tong the third took over the Li Tong Family.

Li Tong III needed to prove he was a strong and true leader. within the first week he had ordered the death of four of the Union of Earth council. Due to his age of 52, some thought Li to be too old to take over the running of the family. Mainly an officer in the Li Tong family called Jin Siew voiced his concerns. Jin was in charge of a group of men who he had managed to convince he should take over the family.

March 21st 2051 a day of red. Jin Siew and his men charged into Li's office hoping to take over. unfortunately for Jin, Li was ready and waiting for them. He had been tipped off in advance. Jin and his men were taken to the centre of Xiongmao Square and excuted by Li himself. This one act sent fear across the city cementing Li's reputation and notoriety.

2052 - 2060 | Heart of Dragon

Li took over the city buying businesses and taking over land. He had the police in his pockets and his own army; Li was at the top of his game.

2061 - 2080 | Birth and Death of a Tiger

Li's first and only child was born named Jian Li Tong, his mother Liang passed away during the birth.
Li hired staff to look after Jian until he was eleven when Li sent him away to a school in New San Angeles.
When Jian came back at the age of seventeen, he was an angry young man. He rebelled against his father and joined a street gang The Sixth; Jian would carry on having little to do with his father up until his death in 2080.

2081 | Sleeping Dragon

After the death of Jian, Li had little contact with the outside world. He controlled the Li Tong family from his office and was rarely ever seen in public. His reputation and influence are still felt across the city, The Li Tong Family has faded more and is now a shadow of its former self.

Alliances and rivalries

Alliance with 6th Av Mob

Li only had an alliance with the Sixth to keep an eye on his son even though his son Jian wanted nothing to do with him. Rumours say Li gave the Illegal Drug known as Blue to the police to supply to the Sixth.


Li Tong Family can mainly be found in the central districts of Quaid City.

Dress Code & Practices

Li Tong Family wear suits or clothes with distinctive neon markings. Some are known to carry a neon sword. Their trademark is from brutally murdering their victims and sending the loved ones the severed heads of who they had killed.