Quaid City was founded in 2035 as part of The Luna Colony President's agreement and the founding of the Union of Earth. The architecture was based on the cities close to where it was built, overtime however, overcrowding, crime and rebel attacks changed the face of the city.

Some citizens formed gangs to protect their neighbourhoods whilst civilians armed themselves to protect against crime and even the corrupt police. These police were loyal to corporations who started their own private forces to protect business interests.

The once prosperous city had fallen deeper into corruption. Rebels known as RogueBytes were blamed for terrorist attacks on UE building's - it's said that below Quaid City, a large city of criminals and outcasts are growing ready to rise against the establishment and over-throw any government body within the city.


Quaid City is located just north west of the old-world city of New York.


Due to the location of Quaid City the weather is mostly rain, rainfall is around 80% of the year with the odd hot days in the summer and snow in the winter.

Crime Rate

Quaid City has seen a rise in violent crimes since late 2060 with a reported 359 Homicides and HVT (Hover Vehicle Theft) of around 4900 taking place in 2082 alone, though most crimes go unreported citizens are reported missing at twice the rate of any other city on Earth.

Police Force

Quaid City police force is heavily corrupt with many police willing to fill their own pockets rather than arrest someone and deal with the paper work. In truth, most of the reported crimes especially murders are actually caused by the Police making them more dangerous than the gangs within the city. Patrolling the wealthier areas of the city, they rule with an iron fist. Shoot first and ask questions later seems to be their unofficial motto.

Flush Island

Flush Island is a small island accessible via a bridge to the East of Quaid City. This is where the majority of the wealth is within the city and the residents live behind secure walls and secure gated entrance's which are guarded by armed robotic security. Police patrol the walled area at all times to stop unwanted visitors scaling the high walls.

Myths and Legends

Quaid City like any city has its myths and tails. Some say there's a masked man who fights crime late at night while others say it's just another pervert getting off on violent crimes. This, as well as talk of Vampires, Sea Monsters and a mythical Sword from a great war that holds a power the likes of which no one has ever seen before.